DANTE : HPC cluster for APC Laboratory



New nodes added (24/01/2022)

7 new compute nodes have been added to the quiet partition. These new nodes have 32 computing cores and 96G of ram.

New debug queue (27/04/2021)

A new queue is available to have quick access to debug resources for a short period (30mn): debug. Please use it only for debugging purposes.

End of the beta test period (26/03/2021)

DANTE is now open to everyone. Fill out the Account registration formular to request access.

Beginning of the beta test period (22/02/2021)

The beta test period will start on 22 of February 2021.

Cluster overview

Submission queue

There are 4 different queues to submit your jobs. Here are their characteristics :

quiet infinite 600 node[05-08,13-16][17-23]
bigmem infinite 320 node[01-04,09-12]
debug 30:00 160 node[01-02][05-06]

The default queue is quiet.


There is 23 nodes available. The nodes are distributed as follows :

Node CPU RAM Queue
apcdante 32 32Gb N/A
node01 40 192Gb bigmem, debug
node02 40 192Gb bigmem, debug
node03 40 192Gb bigmem
node04 40 192Gb bigmem
node05 40 96Gb quiet, debug
node06 40 96Gb quiet, debug
node07 40 96Gb quiet
node08 40 96Gb quiet
node09 40 192Gb bigmem
node10 40 192Gb bigmem
node11 40 192Gb bigmem
node12 40 192Gb bigmem
node13 40 96Gb quiet
node14 40 96Gb quiet
node15 40 96Gb quiet
node16 40 96Gb quiet
node17 32 96Gb quiet
node18 32 96Gb quiet
node19 32 96Gb quiet
node20 32 96Gb quiet
node21 32 96Gb quiet
node22 32 96Gb quiet
node23 32 96Gb quiet
Total 864 2976Gb


For all kinds of requests please contact us via the APC user support system (section cluster support): APC Support

Informations of the cluster (status, updates, etc.) are communicated through the users' mailing list. Normally you should be added to the mailing-list in a short delay after the validation of account and informed by email, don't hesitate to contact us if not the case.

When using the DANTE cluster

  • Mention the use of resources and the DANTE support in all project-related publications: Numerical computations were performed on the DANTE platform, APC, France.
  • If only part of the calculations were performed on DANTE: Numerical computations were partly performed on the DANTE platform, APC, France.

Request access

Fill out the Account registration formular to request access.