Description of the MMO platform and portal.

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Presentation of the Multi-Messenger Observatory (MMO)

The MMO project is a data management solutions based on cloud computing and virtualization technology to address the challenges of efficient sharing and re-use of data, their long-term preservation, data analysis systems, reproducibility of results.

For the MMO portal see also MMO service.

The MMO platform is based on a federated computing environment which includes platform nodes distributed across several institutions. Each organisation node will host computing hardware with appropriate system support, the virtual machine layer, such as OpenStack IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) cloud manager, and will support container orchestration solution, such as Kubernetes. Services running at each organisation node will be coordinated by a service choreography layer with service mesh integrated with a centralised MMO service discovery hub.

The MMO compute nodes will be complemented with compute and storage resources from cloud providers. In particular, these extra resources will be used to further extend the MMO platform and support data analysis workflows during peaks of usage. From a technical perspective, the compute and storage resources allocation process will follow the best-practices, processes and procedures to select suitable IaaS cloud providers that are fit-for-purpose.

At a higher level, container solutions for computing as uDocker , developed in the context of the INDIGODataCloud project, will be also integrated in the workflow in order to execute containers on specific computing resources (such as HPC) without privileged mode. To orchestrate the resulting computing environment of the MMO platform, and make it compliant with open-source solutions which allow to connect hybrid cloud infrastructures including academic, commercial and private clouds, and provide a means to automate the deployment and the dynamic management of applications will be investigated. Workflow orchestration within the MMO platform will be a key feature to quickly deliver and in a reproducible manner the scientific analysis. The workflow orchestrator has to be based on agile development and running DevOps continuous integration tools. A versioning system manager such as GitLab combined with a container orchestration solution, such as Kubernetes will help to ensure the entire DevOps lifecycle.

The MMO project is based on the Online Data Analysis (ODA) architecture at CDCI:


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